5 Important Points That Will Your Writing Become Qualified

Writing activity almost anyone can do it. However, it turns out to string the word into quality writing not everyone is able to make it. There are many tips and guidelines on writing techniques or what makes the writing good quality.

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So what is quality writing?

Actually the criteria of a writing is considered qualified or can not be seen from the reader side:

  1. Readers feel comfortable reading through to completion and satisfied with your writing
  2. Provide solutions to a problem. Suppose you write an article about the steps to create a blog. Readers who want to create a blog to be helpful after reading your writing.
  3. Provide guidance or guidance. Your blog readers will feel you have a complete guide on something they want.
  4. Inspire others to perform an action. Focus on presenting content for your blog readers. Then write invitations to make them do what you write. Of course the reader who believes you as a more experienced person will confidently do it.

If your writing meets at least one of these criteria, your writing can already be considered quality writing.

  So, How to make Create quality posts with user experience

Referring to Google’s algorithm now prefers user experience. Actually in making quality articles, very simple. Give the user a good experience for the readers to your blog favored.

Here’s a list of references that can be at least useful to help assess the writing that we make can be qualified:

  1. Serving the needs of readers

Good writing that serves the questions of the reader, not the author. At the time of making the article, the author who is aware of it usually is not satisfied with what he wrote. He will position himself as a reader, and question things about his writing.

  1. Educate

The quality of the reading becomes higher in value if it can explain something that enlightens the reader; the contents make us become more clearly see or understand something, even if just a review of products / services.

  1. Include supporting data

Including valid supporting data will make written content rich in material and resources, while increasing the author’s credibility. Providing data with facts, whether it be the results of studies, interviews, or data from others who are credible, can make a writing with a light topic becomes important. The writer’s thoughts, ideas or opinions can be central to a piece of writing, but with the support of proven data or facts make the content more clear and interesting.

  1. Complete with another perspective

Writing from one point of view is actually legitimate, but it will be more interesting if coupled with a different viewpoint so that the reader has another picture and can compare it which one is better.

  1. Going back to the end

Sometimes after we read the post we have made feel there is still less. Indeed, the first generated writing is usually still raw. To make it better, the reading flows and is easy to read, the writing needs to be read again and then reviewed (rewriting). If your topic should be reviewed in length, you better make into several articles so that your visitors are not tired of reading it.

Yes, writing is tiring and not something easy to do. It takes precision and perseverance to produce quality articles that the reader likes.