I Am Finally Home at Last

It has been almost six months since I left. At the time I took all of my stuff and put it in one of those storage pods which I parked in my parents’ back yard. They were not thrilled with it and so they had the storage place move it to their facility. At any rate I am finally home, from Turkey where I was for about three weeks. I learned about how to bet on sports on something they call a casino siteleri, which just means a betting web site when you boil it down. Other than that I did not do a lot except sit around waiting for something to happen. It should have been pretty quick. I was there to look at the ledgers and figure out whether or not a deal was worth making. Of course in hindsight the fact that they were so eager to not show me the books was a signal. It was as if they never expected us to do our due diligence.

At any rate they put us in stall mode and then after about two weeks they produced something for me to look at. I was not so silly as to not be suspicious. In particular I could tell that the entries had all been made in the same hand by the same pen, apparently all at the same time. If you are accustomed to looking at ledgers, then you know they can be messy things and that they always look differently over time. You do not have a set of data which all looks exactly alike. At any rate by the time we decided to get out of there I started to realize that we were involved in some really dishonest people and that it was best if we got scarce in a hurry.