Smart People Vs. Smart Objects

In today’s world of networks, computer chips and smart technology who is actually smarter? Is it the technology that is the smartest or the people who made the technology in the first place? From smartphones, computers, smart cars, video gaming systems, virtual reality glasses, and a vast array of other electronic devices that are run on computer chips what could we possible come up with next According to an article on readwrite, it’s going to either be getting a whole lot more exciting or a lot more scary depending on how you look at it. Everyday items are being networked together and being run by computer chips. Currently, the best example for networked enabled clothing is that of Nike+ running shoes. These running shoes have little seniors built in for the user to adjust their iPod. The article continues with a run-down of some networked ‘smart clothing’ which is as follows: proximity sensing shirt (has built in radar for scanning for other shirts), motion detecting pants, smart running shoes (Nike+), heart sensing bra, neuro headset (for gamers), networked jacket, thought helmet (for mind-to-mind communications), biosensor underwear (to measure blood pressure), nanofibers and iPod watch. According to another article, app developers have created an artificial intelligence that learns your preferences and can recommend outfits for you. The software called ‘StyleIt’ and has a database of over one million outfits from more than four hundred and fifty stores. Again, you are either really excited or really scared about now.

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