Importance of daily habits in IAS exam preparation

Preparing for the IAS examination is going to take more than just your regular passion, commitment and luck. Preparation for this exam needs to be accepted as a lifestyle in the coming months. If you are dedicated towards achieving your goals then incorporating the following habits in your lifestyle shouldn’t be a very difficult matter. These habits will not only help you in your preparation for the exam but also in the long run when you become one of the elite administrative servant of the country.

  1. Prepare a time-table and stick to it

If you have already made up your mind to prepare for the IAS Exams then you do not need to be reminded about the importance of a well-planned time table. However, it is important that the aspirants plan a timetable which is balanced and well planned out. It should include a decent number of study hours, relaxation, some physical activity and social life. Dedicating all your waking hours to studying will make you dull and lose interest in your preparations.

  1. Give importance to concept clarity

The IAS Exam Syllabus is huge and it is not possible to memorize each and every detail. It is more important to concentrate on understanding the concepts instead. This way you can recall any information you want at the time of need. Use visual memory guides to help you get deeper into the concepts and they also help in remembering details better.

  1. Read your newspapers

This is a very important habit to inculcate if you are preparing for your IAS Exams. Reading the newspapers daily will keep you abreast of all current affairs which will help you in your exams. It is an important source of information for IAS aspirants and should not be ignored at any cost.

  1. Practice your writing skills

Very few people pay attention to this seemingly unimportant part of the preparation of the IAS Exams. But you have to look at the big picture, when you sit down to write your exams especially your mains you are going to get an approximate time of 8 minutes to present your answers and opinions in a structured, neat and meaningful way. You need to practice keeping in mind the time and space constraints.

  1. Use the Government websites to your advantage

Government websites are a great source of programs, policies, schemes, reports and data which can be used by IAS aspirants to their advantage. The advantage here lies in the fact that government websites are update more frequently than books or other sources of information.

  1. Develop a problem solving attitude

You are preparing for the IAS Exam which means you aspire to be an IAS Officer whose most important job role is solving problems on a day to day basis. Develop this skill while you are preparing for it. In the current scenario the problems that you may encounter are dealing with the length and breadth of the syllabus, time management, peer pressure, etc.

  1. Consistency is your strength

Some aspirants state that they study for 15 hours and you wonder if it’s really necessary to study for that many hours. Over exerting you is not going to produce any positive results in fact it may backfire and cause burnout. Dedicate 8 to 10 hours a day of productive preparation and use the leftover time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be consistent in whatever you do and it will definitely be rewarding.

  1. Micro Notes

This is an important habit to inculcate while you are preparing for your IAS Exams. Making notes while you are studying will help you in making quick revisions especially in the last few days before the exam. Follow the KISS method to prepare your notes Keep It Short and Simple.

  1. Time Management

This is a skill worth learning whether you are preparing for the IAS or doing something else. We all have 24 hours a day and it is those who utilize these hours well that reap the benefits the most. You will need to manage the time you have for studying, newspaper reading, mock tests, revision, and notes taking.

  1. Mock Tests

Make it a regular habit to take Mock Tests. This is an excellent method to keep you your toes and also to gauge the level of your preparations. You can even try the free online tests on your own once in a while.