Origin of CISSP

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This is an independent vendor neutral qualification. The qualification is governed and granted by International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium. This was founded in the year 1988 by a few industry associations.

The goal of this training is to standardize the knowledge and skills required in information security industry. Varied forms of it security training are taking a plunge into the industry. Thus a clear need for standardization can be recognized. This gap was identified and bridged via CISSP. The curriculum was popularly known as Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Adding on to this, in the year 1994, CISSP was formulated. The CISSP Workshop has gained much deserved respect of people and industry. This has been visible since inception. Also, this has receives ANSI accreditation for ISO 17024 international standard. It was the first to receive this honor.

Importance of the Certification

CISSP has repeatedly gained reputation and recognition in the industry. Many organizations have started to make CISSP a requirement for certain job positions. This speaks volumes about the relevance it holds in the current times. Several multinational organizations have jobs line up purely on the basis of this.

Currently there are more than 75,000 certified professionals most holding good positions in industry. This is indicative of the global community that has been created around CISSP. This offers great networking abilities. It also opens up towards a platform of uninterrupted discussion in this arena.

CISSP is considered a gold standard of information security. It is thus way beyond other standard certifications. This has also been approved by U.S. Department of Defense. It is implemented in both information assurance technical (IAT) and information assurance managerial (IAM) categories.

This certification goes a long way in helping candidates stand out in the crowd. It has been observed that people do not ask much to test you during your interview if you are certified. They are more confident in their selection of hiring you. Hence it enables a great deal of credibility into the employee during his tenure too.

CISSP Exam Pattern

The CISSP exam tests knowledge on concepts, standards and best practices. It goes beyond just the theoretical concepts to incorporate practical experiences. The exam is very generic in nature. It is not focused on a particular organization or industry. Being a truly global certification, it is not based on anycountry either.

The exam is vendor neutral and hence does not cover any product knowledge. It may not be specific to your way of thinking or your style of working and thus one need to think beyond. Since the exam is not organization specific, candidates face difficulty in that arena. One needs to remember the exam is not written for their organization. So how you actually work in your organization may not be the best practice. Some of the questions are quite tricky.Hence one needs to carefully evaluate the question and the options that are given.