Preparation Tips For NTSE

NTSE stands for National Talent Search Examination. This is one of the highly renowned national-level exams held in India that witnesses several school students every year. Though the competition might be tough, with some dedication and helpful study tips, you can excel at your NTSE exam this year.

About NTSE

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) is a scholarship program held at national level that is conducted by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) for recognizing and nurturing the young talented students across the nation.

The students of only Class 10th are eligible for applying and sitting for the national-level NTSE exam. This is as per the Eligibility Criteria of the NTSE exam. The candidates, who have qualified the 1st level of the NTSE exam by obtaining the minimum score of eligibility, can apply for the 2nd level of the NTSE exam as well. The students who are qualifying for the 2nd level NTSE exam by scoring the eligible merit rank or score are usually selected for the esteemed scholarships.

  Usually, 1,000 students each year can avail the NTSE scholarships as per the following categories of the NTSE exam:

  • Rs 1250/month for 11th & 12th Class Level
  • Rs 2000/month for both UG & PG level
  • A separate amount of money for the Ph.D. to be given as per the specified UGC norms

Preparation Tips for NTSE

If you wish to excel at your NTSE exam, then here are some expert preparation tips for you:

  • Plan in Advance As Per the NTSE Syllabus: Before starting the preparation for your NTSE exam, you should gain a clarity about the entire syllabus of the NTSE exam. Moreover, you should also sync the prescribed syllabus with the 10th class study pattern. This study practice ensures that the moves of your NTSE preparation are in accordance to the exam needs. As such, there is no need for you to put additional effort for the NTSE exam preparation. By following this pattern, you can obtain the best results with fewer efforts.


  • Know About Your Strengths & Weaknesses: Prior to starting your NTSE preparation for 1st stage of the exam, the students should evaluate their current preparedness level for the given NTSE exam. To ensure the same, the students can check the previous years’ papers of the NTSE exam. Through this, they can analyze their current level of preparation. At the same time, they can also evaluate their individual strengths & weaknesses on the basis of their existing level of preparedness as well as the needed preparation for the NTSE exam. This trick will aid the students into deciding how much importance they should give to different sections of the syllabus in the limited time for the exam preparation of NTSE.


  • Solve Ample Previous Year Question Papers: For evaluating your preparation level for the NTSE exam, it is vital to solve several previous year test papers of the NTSE exam. By doing this, you can make a list of the major areas wherein you might be weak. Thus, you can work over your NTSE preparation plan in the remaining days. By the last 2 weeks of NTSE preparation, you must give special emphasis on the previous year NTSE papers for giving your best study efforts in the time which is remaining before the main NTSE exam. By solving the old set of NTSE test papers, you can become aware of the different questions types asked in the NTSE exam.

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Prepare in the best manner for your NTSE exam using these helpful tricks. All the best for your NTSE exam!