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The sadistic torturing and burning alive of countless numbers of women and girl children as witches was practised for 300 years till the mid 17th Century. Within the 18th Century the Church’s fanatical opposition to historical Greek mathematical atomic science, because the work of the Devil, was transferred into the very cloth of the Constitution of the United States of America, without the American folks realising what had occurred.

As one of many responds of DepEd to the continuous growth of in the area of Science and Technology, the Division of Science and Technology (DOST) take its half in the Research Activities for Manpower Improvement and Planning. Projects to continuously upgrade the research capabilities of science and arithmetic lecturers are undertaken. Grants are supplied to trainer-proponents who develop successful modules and/or tutorial supplies to improve the educational of science and arithmetic in schools. The results of the analysis projects are documented, printed and distributed as ready reference supplies for teachers.

Though Plato’s spiritual optical engineering principles had been later corrected by ‘History’s Father of Optics’, Al Haitham, in the course of the Golden Age of Islamic Science, the difficulty is quite obvious. Plato, Al Haitham, and different philosophers comparable to Philo, Plotinus and Hesoid, had warned that by utilizing the senses, specifically the eye, because the source of cosmic data, the damaging properties of unformed matter would emerge from the atom to destroycivilisation. Da Vinci, Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon, pivotal figures in bringing in the mechanistic industrial age, used the attention as the supply of all information.

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